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Lat Am Stories of Resistance

Harmony, Discord, Unity: Bridging Feminist Frontiers - Exploring feminism in the UK and Latin America through the rhythms of Bullerengue

Date: 16th October

Time: 7pm

Price: £12 / £10 conc

Embark on an immersive evening where the beats of Bullerengue, a vibrant Afro-Colombian cultural expression, set the stage for a dynamic exploration of feminist discourse. Our panel will navigate the harmony and discord within feminism in the UK and Latin America, spotlighting the need for unity.

London-based collective Bullerengue Circle will begin the evening with a workshop that will have us on our feet, connecting to our bodies and learning more about the historical roots of this cultural practice which embodies resilience and community. 

The following discussion will be lead by our panel of academics and artists who will draw parallels between the collective strength of Latin American feminism and the challenges faced by feminists in the UK, with the aim of offering a powerful lesson in unity.

Join us for a captivating night that intertwines cultural history, rhythmic expression, and a call for solidarity. 

This night is kindly being supported by Migrant Mobilities Bristol from University of Bristol.

This event will last 90 minutes. 


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