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Closing Night: Desta French

Date: 15th October

Doors: 10pm / 10.30pm start

Price: £10 - £12

Colombian artist and songwriter Desta French is one of the most
exciting voices emerging from London’s Latin music scene. Her
broad range of influences span from salsa, cumbia, hip-hop, lo-fi,
grime, and Latin popmusic, expressed through her native London
Camden attitude.

Desta was invited to perform her debut track “Shame” on
YouTube’s COLORS show back in 2016, a video that has so far
amassed nearly two million views. Since then, Desta has been on
a very personal journey finding ways to incorporate her Colombian
identity to the front of the conversation, producing tracks in both
Spanish and English. Songs like “Guajira” and “Into the Wave”,
have been laying down the blueprint for a new generation of British
Latinx creatives to deliver their own sound—unique from the
internationally-recognised diaspora in the United States and South

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