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Mad Women

Date: 18th October

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £12 / £10 conc


Witty, fierce and fearless. Mad Women is a play about living with bipolar disorder, inspired by three outstanding Latin American women artists; Frida Kahlo, Violeta Parra and Judith Marquez. 


This fictional portrayal of their mental health journeys from life to death, depicted through intertwined monologues, challenges the stereotypes and stigmas historically associated with “being a woman”. Mad Women by Mental Creations presents a brutally honest conversation about sexuality, motherhood, gender oppression and the role of women in the arts.


As a unique creative experiment, Mad Women was developed by trained practitioners and women from underserved communities living with mental health challenges. This process was registered and broadcast by a BBC World Service documentary. 




“Unapologetic and bold”

★★★★ Latino Life


“The characters are consistently not afraid to be real, even if the truth is brutal. They aim to unsettle the audience”. - The Reviews Hub


“A ‘celebration’ about three Latin American female artists, who despite facing mental health challenges, achieved many great things” - Breaking the Fourth Wall


“(The) mixture of fact and fiction is completely seamless, and the lives being depicted feel spontaneous and realistic” - London Pub Theatres Magazine


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