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First Tuesday of the Month

2pm - 4pm

BCFM - 93.2FM or DAB

Hosted by Tamsin Hurtado Clarke

Bringing you a unique fusion of Latin American & British culture – with music and chat all mixed up into one juicy bilingual radio show.

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Episode 1 - 07/03/23

With special guest Pablo Villierezz (aka Panther Panther DJ)

Episode 2 - 04/04/23

Ania Varez joins to discuss the use of inclusive language when speaking Spanish

Episode 3 - 02/05/23

We check out all the upcoming Latinx events coming to the city!

Episode 4 - 06/06/23

Joining me will be Simon Palominos to discuss migration and music.

Episode 5 - 04/07/23

No guest this episode. Just me and lots of fine music!

Episode 6 - 01/08/23

Connecting with Laila Garzon through LACS (Latin American Community Support) and Latinas In Bristol

Episode 7 - 05/09/23

A JOROPO special with guest Ana Veydo from Cimarron.

Episode 8 - 07/11/23

A special on Latin American cinema with guests Lorena Pino Montilla from Watershed and Jara Rodriguez from No Reason Short Film Festival

Episode 9 - 05/12/23

We talk Latin American Christmas with special guests Maca Gomez-Gutierezz & DJ Nohelia

Episode 10 - 30/01/24

From the Colombian coastal town of Arboletes where I discover the sounds of Bullerengue. 

Episode 11 - 12/03/2024

Back from Colombia and Venezuela, I share sounds from my trip & catch up with Marcus from BCFM. 

Episode 12 - 07/05/2024

More awesome Latin music. DJ Nohelia joins us for a chat about events coming up in the city. 

Episode 13 - 04/06/2024

Another eclectic playlist of Latin music. We talk to Daniel Prieto about his work on The Human Voice. 

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