Time: 10.30pm

Date: Friday 11th October 

Price: £13/£15 (OTD)

Influenced by the fieriest of contemporary Havana's music, WARA has roared its way through the ranks of British Latin bands. With backgrounds spanning from Cuba to the Congo and Venezuela to Chile, WARA has become one of the UK’s most resonating urban soundclashes.

Their tracks play deep into the urban Afro-Caribbean scene; dembow darts though bass-heavy hip-hop and reggaeton intertwines with the bounce of the mambo. Combining a lyrically conscious approach with exceptional musicianship, this is a band with an urgent voice that demands to be heard.

"WARA are at the cutting edge of the musical pulse."

BBC Radio 3

"A work of Latin-London genius, an album whose impeccable fusion between experimental form and insightful content makes it a compelling, unique and socially important release."

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Papaya Fest: WARA + DJs Ivicore & Panther Panther!

10pm - 3am Friday 11th October 2019